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ndeserved produce misdirect however Issue date: 2003-3-17 origin: From consumption the country feedbacks the exports plywood to our country evaluation that come back, be worth our country composite materials 4 x 8 sheets of wall plywood to produce enterprise and the attention that export an unit. In last few years, industry of our country plywood civilian exhibit rapid. Past our country and long-term it is plywood entrance country, but plywood realized

exit to exceed an import first 2001. To 2002, how do i install 2nd floor balcony under flooring only the case of 11 months looked once upon a time, plywood exit is one million six hundred and fifteen thousand eight hundred stere, the entrance is five hundred and seventy-nine thousand five hundred stere, exit is more than an entrance nearly 3 times. According to union of British wpc boat decking manufacturer malaysia lumber trade man-made board manages to its the member is in England with respect to

Chinese plywood the directory that market sale publishs, the amount that Chinese plywood enters British market is larger and larger, but produce China plywood to be hit " far east " composite decking clever deck reveiws the label is unsuited, because be in England,the concept of a lot of consumer is, "Far east " plywood is made completely by veneer of intertropical broad Xie Cai namely, press the product standard production of Indonesia or Malaysia.




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