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gain awarded Henglin Town; China Laminate Flooring Capital; Honor The Fifth (China u0026 Wang Lin) International Flooring Expo grand opening ceremony (China u0026 bull; Wang Lin) International Flooring Expo As a beautiful card Henglin, is the domestic laminate flooring industry's most concentrated a brand, horizontal flooring industry transformation and upgrading played an important role. plastic wood floors manufacturer in colombia The fair is the second year of

horizontal floor flooring companies moved to Shanghai exhibitors, with the opening of the same period the 13th International Flooring Materials and Pavement Technology Expo conducted an in-depth interaction, but also for domestic and foreign flooring industry merchants, set up a low-cost , Efficient display exchange platform. The 5th (China u0026 Wang Lin) International Flooring Expo aims to lead the development direction of Green Floor Low Carbon, Scientific and Technological Innovation and Brand Creation of Henglin

Floor to achieve further improvement of Henglin Flooring Industry . The exhibition, Heng Lin flooring business exhibition area of ??over 3,000 square meters, exhibiting products up to more than 100 series,vinyl fencing cost canada more than 2000 suits, exhibitors 45 floor companies are to; China Laminate Flooring - Henglin;clear vinyl porch enclosure systems for unity Logo, with exquisite booths, leaflets and a variety of floor samples in-kind, all-round display of the Heng Lin floor style, highlighting the prosperous style of the Heng Lin floor of the capital. Wang Man, president of China Forest




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