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our country economy develop level steadily, the amplification that produces construction and flowing water of person the people's livelihood rise smoothly make lumber composite rail ties deck consumption demand increases, however no matter current and homebred lumber cannot satisfy the demand that increases increasingly on quality and amount, development fast Lin Jian of unripe high yield is set, advocate managing

and increase lumber the entrance plastic raw material company is imperative. Began a country to undertake a series of policy are adjusted from 1999, executive log and sawn timber import 0 custom duty, and lumber entrance cancels company of check and ratify to run a system, make lumber entrance swift and violent increase, to 2001, lumber and wood entrance comparative log quantity amounts to 98 million stere, shore docks parts Embossing floor price list entrance amount

amounts to 9.6 billion yuan. Lumber entrance occupied lumber to use up the 9 % of gross 1991, rise to 2001 to 32 % . As the accretion of breach of our country lumber, lumber is supplied still can count an import greatly inside brief period, raw product (log and sawn timber) import volume still wood Embossing decks for swimming pools can increase continuously. Our country lumber imported hasten to add 2002 1, 2002 1, our




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