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mostly in the paint after drying into the drying room drying, mainly through the paint processing substrate door. Advantages: bright color, with a strong visual impact; easy to shape, very beautiful fashion; and waterproof performance, anti-fouling ability, clean and easy maintenance. Disadvantages: As a density board as a substrate, and the same

as the plastic plate, if the quality of the density board, but there will be poor moisture resistance, low stability of the phenomenon. If it is a small brand of paint products, the process there are still some defects, the quality of the paint worrying, at the same time, the paint board requires the manufacturer to have a high level of technology in the

production process than the other high The price is high. As the surface of the plate is only painted, very afraid of bumps and scratches, once the damage is difficult to repair, and to the overall replacement; more smoke in the kitchen, the paint plate prone to color, was old. Background: As a result of the lack of resources lead to raw

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