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government will adopt me asure to hit corruption, in order to jam the flaw of income. This year, target income of the government is 23.94 trillion base general, defray 32.4 trillion base general. About the lumber of governmental distrain, a when regard a Use Composite Lumber For Park Benches country as budgetary receipts through the auction main source. Since the premier issued

the 15th order last year in May, each province collects cutting material illegally to be confiscated in great quantities. As we have learned,Build Flower Pot With A Picket Fence this law prohibits the exit of raw lumber, ask lumber needs fibrous root occupies the standard that labour trade department establishs, turn before exit for finished product price of composite beam wood. Since last year,

the government has been inside countrywide limits check hundreds lumber processing factory, in order to ensure its operation accords with production advantage of eco plastic lumber and environmental quality standard. The meeting that ends today still discusses the decretal draft about action of checkpoint of riparian international border land, the decretal draft that deposit




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