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And all enjoy good price to buy all the furniture is not limited to the purchase quantity, to ensure that the supply of 100%, to ensure that every piece of furniture to enjoy the full protection of professional services.At the same time, in Panyu welcome Road, the Ji sheng wei bang also ushered in the real"Golden Week".

All the manufacturers sell the full flowering of shopping malls, almost all brands have got a single.The market is about to double the usual weekend traffic, Department store sales steadily, there are a few shops to refresh the date of their respective maintain the highest single-day sales record, set off again after following the "Cultural Festival" the sales climax.

It was on JSWB's in charge, In the period of the May Day holiday, In the 386 manufacturers are combining forces to conduct a comprehensive promotion on JSWB story, Held a variety, Affordable promotional activities, Consumers easily on less money than usual to purchase their desired goods,

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