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humidity be reasonable, not too far. 1, solid wood furniture easily cracked wood furniture made of wood, and wood is susceptible to the impact of environmental humidity, dry swelling and shrinkage changes. The winter weather was relatively dry, and many families because of warm demand, often take measures in indoor heating, exacerbating indoor air drying, resulting in solid wood furniture because of severe

water shortages, and it is difficult to repair the cracking phenomenon. 2, indoor reasonable moisture to prevent furniture cracking solid wood furniture prices are generally not cheap, if you do not pay attention to good maintenance, the appearance of cracks and other effects on the appearance, resulting in loss is very distressed. Winter, the most prone to dry wood furniture, the reason is due to low indoor

humidity. So understand the reason, you can take measures to increase indoor humidity. The common method is to buy a humidifier in the room, also can put a pot of water or put to indoor moisture such as green, bamboo and other plants. To avoid misunderstanding moisture to prevent excessive humidification: solid wood furniture, although afraid of drying, but it also has a bigger mishap is afraid of wet, too

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