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   wooden flooring from tropical [10/12/17 05:58AM]   
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among which the change of the distribution network in mainland China may be one of the reasons. In 2015, the volume of wooden flooring imported from tropical countries in the United Kingdom remained stable, imports from Indonesia and Malaysia decreased, while imports from Hong Kong and China increased. The reason may be that the

EU timber regulations in the United Kingdom...


   million m2 of wood flooring [09/12/17 06:36AM]   
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China, which in turn increased the import volume from tropical countries. EU imports of Chinese wood flooring down 7.4% YoY In 2015, the EU imported 17.5 million m2 of wood flooring from China, the largest supplier, down 7.4% from the same period of last year to the lowest level since 2005. Although China's exports to the United

Kingdom increased by 2% to 5.19 million...


   project name [08/12/17 11:54AM]   
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unit to need to provide a data One, project name: company produces per year ton project of product. 2, unit brief introduction: company is located in Shandong to solid vs hollow composites direct factory visit village of of of Zhuang Zhen of Pan of the city that face Qing Dynasty, it is the manufacturer...


   domestic and international building materials [08/12/17 11:33AM]   
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The exhibition focuses on the latest achievements of domestic and international building materials industry science and technology, but also invited hundreds of internationally renowned experts, scholars, professors gather Handan, collision thinking,

discuss the development. The current Handan International Building Materials Expo, organized by the party also specifically...


   plastic and man-made fiber [08/12/17 09:27AM]   
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as the temperature increases volatilization speed. Formaldehyde is widely used in industrial production. It is a raw material for manufacturing synthetic resin, paint, plastic and man-made fiber. It is an important raw material for the manufacture of urea formaldehyde resin,

melamine resin glue and phenolic resin glue in the wood-based panel industry. At present, the...


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